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We combine leading edge platform
technology with the revolutionary (social media free)
MVX Personal Touch Service (PTS) Platform support.


MVX is an internet platform that allows for the mutually profitable exchange of values, negotiated privately and confidentially, between two member entrepreneurs.

It is,a private, members only,founder funded and self supporting venture,
It is, a not for profit, incorporated business, in Ontario.

All exchange introductions between MVX members must be facilitated, first, thru a MVX Platform Manager. No contact between members is possible without the expressed written mutual consent of both members.

When that is secured the MVX Platform Manager will facilitate introductions.
There are no fees or costs for this service to MVX members.

Any arrangement, then negotiated between members,may unfold. There is no 3rd party or MVX involvement once introductions have been made.

Whatever unfolds is no ones business other than the two member entrepreneurs.