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We combine leading edge platform
technology with the revolutionary (social media free)
MVX Personal Touch Service (PTS) Platform support.


This is Canadas first and only, experiential learning for emerging entrepreneurs ,outside the academic world.

It complements academic programs

There is no pre-requisite to participation,other than to have a clear desire to take an entrepreneurial idea from it's beginning to fire-tested reality.

One can be a student, a graduated dreamer, unemployed, a career changer, a millennial trying to see if a career opportunity awaits or a 50+er looking for a lifestyle change.

The 12 month apprenticeship training combines a groomed introduction to established entrepreneurs thru the value exchanging MVX platform,active membership is select business associations and MVX Program Manager oversight.

CUM LAUDE and MAGNA CUM LAUDE awards for distinguished
Apprentice Entrepreneur performance.

Discounted MVX membership fees until Sept 30, 2019.

contact support@mvx. world or call 833 362 4288