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We combine leading edge platform
technology with the revolutionary (social media free)
MVX Personal Touch Service (PTS) Platform support.


There are only 2 ways a deal can get going ... Member initiated and Platform Manager initiated.


All posted members are free to explore all posted narratives and if they sense an interest in a specific posted opportunity they should contact the MVX Platform Manager indicating their interest. The Platform Manager will contact the opportunity to see if there is any interest in mutual introduction. He will report back to both parties as to whether mutual contact is desired ... or not

If its a go mutual contact will be effected by the Platform Manager.

MVX exits and members proceed to their own benefit.


The Platform Manager will, from time to time, become aware of a possible mutual opportunities and will contact both parties to determine if they would like to pursue possible mutual interest.

Written mutual consent is also required in this Platform Manager initiated experience. No contact information is provided without prior written mutual consent.

Personal, hands on assistance, is available 24/7 through contact with support@MVX.world or by calling 833 362 4288